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Female Led Relationships
General FLR Discussions
This area is for anything related to FLR's. Please don't discuss bedroom issues here. That subject has its own area.
Anything having to do with relationships can be posted in this area.
All about Dominance
Discussions of ideas for Ladies exploring this life style.
All about submissiveness
Tips and suggestions for those who are exploring the lifestyle.
General Discussions _Public
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In the Bedroom
Light Kink Discussion - Adult Topics
This is an adult topic sections. Keep it light however.
Kinsters Korner
Okay for all of you all who are big time Kinsters, this area is just for you.
Oral Sex on Domme Demand. Deceptively efficient and amazing effective. In the beginning the male thinks he has died and gone to heaven. And then it is too late. Once he is addicted, it is truly remarkable what he will come to beg for.
Miss Matrix Academy
Sissy Boy
He seeks to honor femininity by emulating it.
Mommy's boy
He still needs the guidance and nurturing.
Bitchdog Boy
The precise definition differs from Domme to Domme. Use your imagination-you might be right.
Sex Slave Boy
The sex slave boy has an insatiable need to be used sexually, usually cuckolded, often becomes a slave to his own desires. OSODD is highly effective on him.
Bad Boy
The bad boy, AKA a whipping boy. Not really bad, but needs to feel the authority.
The Black Domme/white boy synergy
There is a special and powerful chemistry between a Black Domme and a white boy for many reasons, the taboo factor being only the obvious.
Domme Corpe
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